It all started in 1959, Michael’s grandfather – Wladyslaw Kacpura bought small tire service in Kobylnica – the small village near Slupsk City in northern Poland. He was mainly retreading the agricultural tires.

Ten years has passed when he realized that the business is getting bigger and it’s time to find a new better place - better localized. He tried to find a larger city with main national routes crossing. Finally he choose the Świecie City located in central northern Poland by the main national routes: No1 and No5.

In 1970 he bought an old manor-house, and new building for a tire service, packed everything took his family and moved to a new place.

In 1979 Michael’s father took the steering in his hands, he rebuilt the service, bought the nearby plot, new equipment etc.


In 1997 was Michael’s turn, he started servicing truck, big agricultural and industrial tires.